Board Game Day cover

Board Game Day is my upcoming children’s book about the fun of board games! Coming to Kickstarter this summer!

I love board games and make a lot of content related to board games – a podcast, YouTube videos, songs, and soon a children’s book!

I’ve made a bunch of song parodies as well as some original songs about board games

  • Five tips for writing lyrics
    There’s a lot of overlap in writing lyrics to a song and lyrics to a rhyming children’s book, which is the reason I decided to make a book. But I made songs first, and before that I made song parodies. Well, I still make both of those as well, but that was my trajectory. Over
  • A holiday gift
    Happy holidays everyone! I wanted to give you all a special gift for the holidays, so I made my first “book” available as a free pdf! As I mentioned in How it all started…, I initially wrote an ABC’s of Board Games with games from my collection, and then made a little laminated book for
  • Why Self-Publish and Kickstarter?
    I didn’t even try to get this book traditionally published. There are pros and cons to both traditional publishing and self publishing, but for what I wanted to make, self publishing made the most sense. Board games are a niche hobby, and children’s board games are a subset of that. So a children’s book about
  • Page Layout is important!
    I decided to make a personalized children’s book for my friend’s daughter for Christmas (don’t tell her! I don’t think she reads this). She has a daughter who’s 5 months younger than my twins and they play together a lot, so I made a story about the three of them and will be using photos
  • Deciding the Characters
    When I was originally thinking of making a picture book just for my kids, I was imaging them as the main characters. The book is written in first person (with “we” and “us” used a bunch) from the point of view of children having a board game day, so in my mind the pictures would